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Fuck I killed an important person :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 4 0
This is Bernertter (hes the adoptable i mentioned) :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 2 2 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 0 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 0 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 0 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 4 0 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 2 0 Still :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 4 0 Interestin projeect :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 2 3 Happy Easter :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 4 Jams :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 4 WIP :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 1 Happy day of creation Homestuck! :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 3 1 ACCEPT THIS SON :iconrandomgypsycat:RandomGypsyCat 1 2


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Imfeezing my torso off in my ownroom im goi g tp bed now i,ts 5:53pm
Ask me shit
Its all gonn abe asnwered in a journal, its still cold in my house
Heeeeehhhahhe i should be sleeping but my house is cold murp you guys can ask me quesytions if you want it can be as crazy as you want fam i m everywhere rn fuckin ask me and ill reply to alll of thenm in a biiiiiiigggg journal and give u name credit n shjt ask wqiestions please ask questions please
Its motherfuckin 4:50 rn now and ive drank 1 1/2 strong monsters bitches ive beat ppl at blackjack and ate waffle house at 3:30 am. I got up at 11 something this morning and got prom makeup started at 3:00ish then i went to texas roadhouse to eat then went to prom, left at 10:30 pm changed and picked someppl up then went to after prom and played blackjack folks monster is a godsend and also im jelly of ppl that rae regulars at wafflehouses like i wanna be that person monster sunrise tastes kinda bad but fuck it wakes you up i might sleep i done know it 4:53 now hi
Fuck I killed an important person
One of my friends is currently mad about this game, they said if a drew Bendy under 5 minutes I could have a quarter of their lunch, I've never drawn him before. I think the game is rather interesting story wise and the time period the art is based off of had many good productions. I'm not insane about the game but I don't dislike it either.
Whats the deal with fruit on pizza, its food on food. I really don't know everyone I know doesn't get the deal about it either help -3-
My highschool is themeing after prom Casino theme, smart juniors and seniors gambling. XD I'm gunna brush up on my blackjack and get my coolest suit together for this shiz, I haven't plaued blackjack since daycare
Anybody want to talk about Macbeth??? Its a good one folks, I recomend reading it.
Is breakfast pizza a thing? I feel like its a thing, if its not a thing then pizza makers crack open that fridge and start makin a masterpizza. Or I just might once I graduate and have time to experiment and take the credit all for myself.
The adoptable boi is now posted, all details are in the doodle…
This is Bernertter (hes the adoptable i mentioned)
Barnetter Coulson (bar-net-er col-sun)
-Hes a 30 year old anthro corgi
-nicknames: Barn, Barney & Burner
-5 ft 1 in
-He loves to travel to foreign places but never brushes up on the language so he just quietly makes his way around confused as all heck
-He has a well paying desk job
-lives in a small apartment
-plays harmonica
________________________________________________________________________________Okay folks this is the part where I set a starting price and tell you all the stuff I'll send via note if you buy him. The starting price is 5 points and if you want him immediately then its 10 points . When you purchase this boi I will send you a ref sheet of just his front and back and a ref sheet that has much more detail like his mouth, paws, colours, collar and a few other things. All I ask is that after purchase you refrain from drastically changing his looks and name, I've had him in the works for about a year but I never did anything with him.
I have a character I might put up for adoption, like what are the normal lowish prices for adopts??? He has a vauge background and kind of developed personality so Idk if that changes the price or something??? I know nothing
There are more buttcheeks in the world than people goodnight sorry i couldn't sleep without saying that
Okay I listen to music when I cook so of course I'm bound to dance, I don't dance normally sometimes. Its either kpop or a mash up of existing dances and me being an idiot. Anywho I was jammin out hardcore to Elevatorstuck because its the glorius day of homestuck ya know? Well I also cosplayed as Dave today (and still am dressed that way) and I just being a dumbass as well. I danced to elevator jazz in a way that fits a slow magic mike song better, I truly have no fucking life but hey I cooked a really good dinner. Cheddar bread stuffed with sautéd mushrooms. Untitled by RandomGypsyCat


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a legal adult thats figuring out life and is a complete dubass with ironic stamped on my brain. I have my hands in so many fandoms I lose track and I'm actually rather polite if approached its just really late rn I need to see my doc (setting up appointments is a bitch -_-) and man I'm a fuck up but I love this website. Also I update stuff randomly and have no schedule, sorry I'm sorta lazy that way.


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pinkythepink Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
:love: Thank you for the favorites, it really means ever so much to me that you enjoy my artwork! I invite you to add me to your watch so that you can see all the future beaded and stitched pieces I have planned! :blowkiss: Just think of the sparkles... :squee:
0swiftpaw0 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know
What time it is?
RandomGypsyCat Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
its Adventure Time(trademark) man
0swiftpaw0 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
RandomGypsyCat Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
0swiftpaw0 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I almost replied to the guys thankng you for faves out of habit my stars
that's what saying "Np!!" fifty-million times a day does to you man
RandomGypsyCat Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
XD beautiful
CrazyCryaotic Featured By Owner Edited Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the faves :)
0swiftpaw0 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
who is king daddledingo and what is he your main of?? Your main man?? your main lover your main wingman your main ??? what>> who is he what is he to you
RandomGypsyCat Featured By Owner Edited Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hes my main smash, I can fuck some ppl up w/ him and be majestic af
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